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At the heart of family and friendship is a shared spirituality. It is this common family value that inspires Sarah Stegman and her aunt, Cindy Stiens, to bring you the creations offered by Cross Our Hearts.

Started on a wing and a prayer, Cross Our Hearts is truly beginning to blossom. After a few rough craft shows and a few worrisome months, word of mouth began to grow, and now here we are with our own spot on the web!

Thanks to Sarah's computer expertise and Cindy's people skills, hundreds of people have bought gifts from us and then sent their friends for more. We are proud to offer a nice gift with a Christian theme, and we are humbled by how many people have told us how much they love them!

We hope you'll see something you like here, let us know if you don't like something, and let your friends know if you do!

God Bless You.

Sarah and Cindy